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United Orthopedic Corporation are a leading international designer, manufacturer & distributor of innovative, regulatory compliant orthopaedic implants and surgical instrument sets. The Taiwan based company have been established for over 20 years and have helped over 300,000 patients worldwide. The UK division of United Orthopedic Corporation was formed in 2018 and as part of introducing it’s award-winning winning products to the UK market, it continues to work with highly reputable surgeons to give patients back their mobility.

Social Media Management

UOC UK Instagram account    @uocuk

UOC UK Instagram account @uocuk

Monthly Social Media Reports for UOC UK

Monthly Social Media Reports for UOC UK

Following the set up of the UK division of United Orthopedic Corporation, I was delighted to be given the opportunity by Cassie Marvin, founder and Director of Consultant C Marketing to take over her client’s social media accounts of Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for three months.

At the beginning of this period, Cassie & I met the client, Malcolm & Jane Pearson in person and having gained an insight and understanding of their key business objectives as part of introducing the award-winning implants and surgical instrument kits to the UK B2B market, I then conducted key research which included keywords, hastags, competitor analysis, influencers as well as researching how surgeons utilise social media. The final step in completing the groundwork included optimising the social media accounts based on the keyword research previously conducted.

Once the groundwork was set, I was able to confidently execute and deliver a social media content plan across all social media channels for the next three months, successfully raising their brand and profile within the UK market. At the end of each month, I compiled bespoke social media reports based on the insights gathered from that month alongside recommendations for the following month to ensure that we remained responsive and proactive whilst keeping ahead of the audience needs. Prior to working for UOC UK, I have not had any experience in delivering social media services to the medical industry but with my broad experience of running social media accounts across a variety of sectors, I know that you do not need to have a medical degree to deliver an effective social media strategy to the medical industry. Instead you need to understand the fundamentals of social media and how quality and tailored content will open doors to a high quality audience who will sit up and take notice of your brand.

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“Nysnö Digital Marketing has provided me with invaluable support over the last year. Being a freelancer, we often look for a safe pair of hands that we can trust to hand work to when we get to capacity and need to outsource, and Katie at Nysnö has provided just that for my business. Working with Katie is always a pleasure. She is intelligent, professional and highly knowledgeable. Katie always takes a proactive approach in planning her workload and attending client-facing meetings to support me and is never afraid to ask questions to ensure she delivers the best results possible for her client. I would not hesitate in recommending Katie at Nysnö for Digital Marketing advice and support.”

— Cassie Marvin, Founder & Director of Consultant C Marketing


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