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Roze Quartz Media is a PR and Digital Marketing Consultancy specialising in the realm of holistic health, wellbeing and veganism. The consultancy is designed to guide, empower and elevate businesses in their PR, marketing, branding and social media journey. 

Web Design


I met Shariya Younis, founder of Roze Quartz Media through The Crucible Project at De Montfort University. As part of the project, Shariya attended one of my social media workshops and I instantly warmed to her as we found that we had alot in common including the fact that she was about to launch her new PR & digital marketing business and that we also shared the same interest in health and wellbeing.

Shariya was already adept at using Squarespace but like with so many start-up businesses, time was a limiting factor, so I was delighted when she approached me to request my web design service. With such a clear and strong business model and brand image, I was very excited to take on this project and bring it to life online.

Shariya has a very strong eye for design and like a true PR expert, she is a great wordsmith providing me with compelling copy alongside high quality images for the website. I am very proud of the final result of the website as it is strong, creative and innovative, staying true to it’s brand. It really does stand out like a flamingo amongst a flock of pigeons in a very competitive market!

Following the launch of the website, I met Shariya in person to talk her through her website and deliver a brief training on updating her website. I also ensured that the website is GDPR compliant with the addition of appropiate online privacy and cookie policy,

“I had the pleasure of getting my website created by Katie. When I first met Katie at her Nysnö Workshop I instantly knew I could trust her and she would be the perfect person for me to work with. Katie understood my vision, was patient with my creative process and created my dream website. During my journey preparing for my own freelance career I was inspired by Katie and her work ethic. Her workshops and mentoring sessions left me inspired with the idea of being able to achieve my ambitions as a freelancer. She is a genuine and lovely person to work with. I would highly recommend.”

— Shariya Younis, Founder and Managing Director of Roze Quartz Media


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