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Professor Andrew Chadwick is a Professor of Political Communication in the Department of Communication and Media at Loughborough University. He is also a director of the Online Civic Culture Centre and the university’s Research Beacon leader for Political Communication.

An author of award-winning book, The Hybrid Media System: Politics and Power (Oxford University Press, 2013 - Second Edition, 2017), Professor Andrew Chadwicks’s research explores the internet and newer media as they relate to three broad areas of political communication: political mobilisation, democratic engagement, news and journalism.

Website Redesign


Professor Andrew Chadwick got in touch with me to request my web design service as he wanted his entire Tumblr hosted website to be transferred over to Squarespace as he felt that his current website was not responsive and looked rather dated.

Already familiar with Squarespace and a skilled user, Professor Chadwick chose his new Squarespace template and provided me with replacement modern images to suit the contemporary feel of the new website. I then set to work transferring a large amount of content from the Tumblr website to the new Squarespace website.

After a few tweaks in design and content, we successfully launched the new website which now provides him with a smart, engaging and most importantly, responsive platform to promote his latest book, blog posts and variety of projects.

It was a great pleasure to work with Professor Chadwick as already being familiar with Squarespace, he understood it’s key benefits and features to enable me to create him a strong website to help maximise and strengthen his online presence.

Visit www.andrewchadwick.com.

"Nysnö did a fantastic job of redesigning my personal website. Katie listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve and she had excellent attention to detail in her work. Highly recommended.”

— Professor Andrew Chadwick, Professor of Political Communication at Loughborough University


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