7 ways to steal your customer's heart using social media

Build Trust

Give your customers meaningful, authentic and engaging content. Strike the balance between content that is not just sales focused but instead offer value driven content to your audience, for example, share top tips, a how to video etc.

Open up and share day to day life behind the scenes and introduce them to the people behind your business. Remember, it’s social media so people want to connect with people so take this opportunity to connect with your audience on a human level, remove those barriers and show authenticity.

Show Affection and Appreciation

To show your appreciation to loyal followers, reward them with competitions every so often.

Reward them with the best quality content that they deserve to encourage them to stick around and listen to your brand. Videos and podcasts continue to be the biggest growing trend so get creative!

When your audience comment on or share your posts, show your appreciation by simply thanking them or liking the shared post. Show them that you have noticed their engagement. It’s very simple yet very effective.

Anticipate Their Needs

When running your day to day business, you will encounter common queries from your customers or common industry related pain points. Use this to your advantage and create social media content that will anticipate the needs of your audience.


Provide great customer service by responding quickly to questions and if you get yourself into a sticky situation, it also enables you to resolve any issues quickly allowing you to redeem yourself and get back into the good books!

Listen to Them

Social media insights provide you with a wealth of information about your audience telling you what their interests are, their age and most importantly what content of yours they have found most engaging. Use this as a benchmark and create content that resonates with your target audience.

Post polls and ask questions using this opportunity to listen to them and implement changes based on their feedback!


As with any relationship, communication is key! Social media platforms give your audience the space to be sociable and express their opinion, likes and dislikes. Use this opportunity to engage with them by responding to their comments!

Most importantly stay true to your brand ethos

The key to long term customer retention is to be relevant, consistent, authentic and deliver on your brand ethos.